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So I have some womanly type friends who like to carry on long conversations with me via text messaging. Now I don’t have a problem with texting and i dont have a problem with long conversations but I do have a problem with picking up my phone every other minute to answer a text. It gets annoying especially when I’m sitting in front of a computer with a nice beautiful keyboard that isn’t 4 inches.

So I think it’s time we took control of our Android phones via a web browser based application called AirDroid!

\How it Works//
Basically, you install this application on your android device (its free by the way), start it up, and it sets up a web server on your phone on a random port (most likely 9100). Now any computer on the same network as your phone can connect to it using the IP address given to your phone (displayed by AirDroid when it starts). For instance, I have my phone on my wifi which is on the same network as my other devices so I just have to go to “ to connect to the web server, log in (a password can be configured through the AirDroid options) and Hooray!!

\What you can do//
Keep in mind this isn’t exactly remote desktop for your phone but it will enable you to check your call log, send texts, go through your contacts, add applications (and back them up!!) and access music, ringtones, and other files residing on your phone.

I must say it is extremely useful and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Here’s an article with pictures and videos on it!

Install NAo!

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