Aww. this is nice….

1) Putty Tunnel Manager - A beautiful things that lets you setup and forget your tunnels from the task bar.  Supports reconnections and ensures they don’t overlap on ports..

Forced to used Windows? This is necessary.

2) Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager – If you’re like me, classic gnome (version 2) is where it’s at. gSTM is an app that allows you to manage your tunnels easily with a nice gui and configuration utility.

It doesn’t appear to have an ability to save passwords or perform reconnecting, but it does support private keys which is quite nice. “apt-get install gstm” and your done!


If you aren’t sure what tunneling is, think of a vpn connection. You are essentially using the ssh protocol to create a secure connection between you and the server. You then use this connection to make local and remote connections to remote servers using the server you are connected to! It’s kinda like a proxy and its totally secure…An example is below..

<– A good idea this is…

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