If you don’t know the reference, here.

So I needed something new. I originally had a separate backup script on each server and it was set to run and backup to a “backup server.” That worked great for not very long plus it was hard to manage.

So instead of a push system, I opted this time around to go the pull route. It makes things a lot easier on me and allows one centralized place for everything. I wanted a little help getting off the ground so I picked backupninja!

apt-get install backupninja rdiff-backup rsync bc

^Should be all you need to get going. The “bc” is something needed for the rsync action handler to work properly. I spent an hour figuring that out but the more you know…

Backupninja touts its ability to thrive at push based backups where you would essentially install the software on all of your clients (servers) and set it up to push stuffs to one place. But it also supports the pull method too just don’t use the ninjahelper (a tui utility to make action files) to make your action files if using a pull (ninjahelper requires fields that should be blank for certain remote src’es..which is kinda weird but whatever.).

Plus, you can have action files that are just .sh files to run commands on remote entities before actually backing up which is nice for mysqldumps or slapcats or whatever. (the backupninja included support for this is meant for the local system)

But yeah, the ninja. He’s awesome.

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