So I have a friend that I needed some data from and lets just say the data was “fragile” so we obviously wanted to transfer it in a secure anonymous way (didn’t feel like making an account just for a few things). On my own server, all I had to do was mount his FTPes share using curlftpfs.

Normal Usage (normal ftp server):

curlftpfs /mnt/ftp

FTPes Server:

curlftpfs -o tlsv1 -o sslcontrol -o noverifyhostname -o noverifypeer -o allowother /mnt/ftp

NOTE: The above does not verify the certificate (which in my case, wasn’t a big deal). For curlftpfs to connect without no_verify set, you must add the server’s certificate to “/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt”. If you have a username and password, just modify to “user:[email protected]”.

Yay file transfers!! More here.

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