Yeah I sat on this issue for a little while. I was running it like this:

lftp -u user,pass -e “mirror –parallel=10 -La /derp /herp; quit” s

as I wanted to do a mirror from a remote sftp server to my local /herp directory with some awesome parallel downloading!!! However, the remote directory has symlinks that I expected lftp to actually follow and download…but it wasn’t (note that I double checked perms and everything was fine).

Doing some googling, I came across this thread. The creator/devs seem to have made a very very recent fix to lftp to fix this problem.

Going to the github news page for the project showed me that they updated sftp symlink downloading (readlink) in 4.4.6

Of course the debian version, even for Wheezy, is 4.3.6.

So I proceeded to replace the equivalent line with this one in /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb jessie main

(jessie is the unstable next rls of debian) and went ahead uninstalling and reinstalling lftp now with all the latest versions of the dependencies and the program itself.

Ding! fries are done.

NOTE: This is a pretty dirty way of doing this since you are using packages made and tested on jessie not wheezy. So yeah…things may not work exactly the way they should (usually I’m ok though). Be sure to remove that line from your apt/sources file after your done installing lftp.

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