0) Install inspircd on newbox
1) from oldbox: scp -r /etc/inspircd root@newbox:/etc
2) from oldbox: scp -r /home/irc root@newbox:/home
3) on the newbox: chown -R irc /home/irc
4) edit the motd to make it unique
5) Install gnutls-bin libcurl3-gnutls libgnutls26 libgnutls-dev libneon27-gnutls
6) Copy over the old m_ssl_gnutls.so file because apparantly the new one doesn’t work.

(this is more for my own personal thing…not for you exactly.)

Mario Loria is a builder of diverse infrastructure with modern workloads on both bare-metal and cloud platforms. He's traversed roles in system administration, network engineering, and DevOps. You can learn more about him here.