Ran into this with my internal testing boxes. Basically, I would mount a simple insecure uid/gid mapped share:


on a testbox with a username different from the one of the server. But, the uid was the same (1000). With NFSv3, this would have been fine. With NFSv4, there are some differences. Hence things like ssh keys would not work because while I could remove and create new files, the files that existed there were still not technically mine?

Either way, if I tried to chown, I’d get an “Invalid Argument”. Found a fix here and described better here.

mount -t nfs -o vers=3 remote local

if doing this in fstab, where you usually put defaults, change it to vers=3

If you’re not happy switching to v3, there are some changes you can make so v4 doesn’t do this. View that second link for more in-depth on how to do that.

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