I’ve decided its time to make life easier. With markdown entering my work environment last year, I’ve become pretty confident that it is as viable a text markup solution as any other formatting solution out there.

And of course, the logical choice is Ghost :) Frankly, I love this. It’s simple, elegant, and forward.

Right now, a lot of the older posts will look garbled. Unfortunately, formatting of code blocks didn’t carry over well using the Ghost Wordpress plugin. However, the rest of the transfer went just fine:) Here’s the article I followed for migrating…its super simple.

Over time, I will work on converting these older posts, making sure speed and uptime are amazing, and playing with the new changes the Ghost team has been implementing. One thing I’d like to start doing is posting a new BBS ANSI art image with every post, if I can’t find anything that better suits the post…so look for some fancy ANSI art;)

Additionally, I will be writing an architecture post to describe how I’m currently running the blog and my experiences containerizing. For now, you can view most of my work in persuing modularity and separation through the main docker-scriptthenet image.

Ohh, and enjoy the view…

Mario Loria is a builder of diverse infrastructure with modern workloads on both bare-metal and cloud platforms. He's traversed roles in system administration, network engineering, and DevOps. You can learn more about him here.