Taking multline input from a user

So I needed to take in a pasted stdin that was multiple lines. Using just read or any of the flags it provides don’t give a nice clean way to do this. However, using cat and sed, you can provide a few nice ways to allow a user to end the input stream and submit their entry: Ctrl+d: #!/bin/bash echo "Pipe in certificate, or paste and it ctrl-d when done" keyvariable=$(cat) Blank Line:

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Re-defining a variable composed of dynamic variables

In one of my scripts, I wanted to create a log file that was dynamic based on how the script was running. For example, if the script was doing something like waiting on another script or generated an error for whatever reason, I wanted the log file name to change to reflect that. I started with this. I used the $STATUS as the switch and called a function (setstatus) to change that based on what was passed (by another function or whatever etc.

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