Going public, converting to Arch, and being more Social

Going Public… Just over a week ago, my company rolled out our public presence: A fresh web site, LinkedIn profile, and even Twitter. I want to also thank all the wonderful people who have sent luck our way and those who have supported us thus far…you are awesome! Distro Change Moving on, I wanted to make mention of my recent decision to move to Arch Linux, an amazingly light, responsive, and elegant linux distribution.

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Hunky Dory

Late last week, I resigned from my position at Arbor Networks in order to join a stealth startup. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to say goodbye to any coworkers because of my discretion around details of the new company. Either way, I’m hitting the ground running at my new gig and having a blast! Don’t worry, we’ll be going public pretty soon so keep an eye out! I want to thank all the people who have already shown their support and reached out wishing me luck.

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